Weekly Bulletin

February 17-24, 2017
Tue, Feb 21: Yellow & Blue Day: Wear it & get a sweet treat—(Mellow Yellow & True Blue—The Fusion are Coming to Get You!
**FFA Teacher Trivia, ice cream sundae at lunch, FFA Medallion Hunt Clue, Match the Crop to the Product Game at lunch, FFA Group picture
**MT Youth Risk Survey today 1st period
 HS boys’ practice @ RIchey; Cheer @ Lambert
Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito, Fruit Lunch: Ham, Baked Potato, Broccoli, Applecrisp
Wed, Feb 22: Favorite Tractor Day—(Pullin’ For a Fusion Win!)
**FFA Staff Appreciation Breakfast, Teacher Trivia, FFA Medallion Hunt Clue
**Eastern C Divisional Girls Bball Tourney begins today @ Wolf Point
**Boys’ bball practice and Cheer@ Richey
Breakfast: Cereal Bar, Yogurt, Cheese Stick Lunch: Tater Tot Hotdish, Salad, Fruit
Thur, Feb 23: America Day: Wear Your Red, White, & Blue—(Go Get ‘em, Fusion! Fusion Paraphernalia Day)
**FFA Teacher Trivia, $20 Prize for the Person who found the Medallion, Judge Coloring Contest/Rewards, Award Prizes
**Eastern C Divisional Girls Bball Tourney continues @ Wolf Point.

**Eastern C Divisional Boys begins @ Wolf Point @ 12:00

            **The Fusion boys play Mondak @ 6:00.  We will have a send-off from Lambert (all are invited to attend) @ 9:15

            in the cafeteria.  The team will leave Lambert @ 9:30.  We will have a send-off in Richey @ 10:00 in the gym.  The

            team will leave Richey @ 10:15 (Coach—Rehbein)

            **The band will be playing for tonight’s game.  Leave time from Lambert—2:30. The band will have supper, play

            for the game, and then return home (IH—Sommerfeld)

Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza, Fruit Lunch: Polish Sausage, Boiled Potatoes, Cabbage, Fruit
Fri, Feb 24

**Divisional bball tourneys continue

            **If the Fusion boys won Thur, we will play @ 4:30.  Leave time from Lambert—1:15 (Coach—Sommerfeld)

            **If the Fusion boys lost Thur, we will play @ 1:30.  Leave time from Lambert—10:20 (Coach—Sommerfeld)

 Sat, Feb 25
**The band WILL BE PLAYING, if the Fusion boys are playing today.  Please stay tuned to the website for more info!
**DON’T FORGET! The Battle of the Books will be WED, MARCH 1ST. Read, read, read!!!!