Weekly Bulletin

October 20,-29 2016 (Changes in Red)
Celebrating Red Ribbon Week; Preparing for District Volleyball & the Football Play-offs!
Mon, 10/24: “Kick em, Fusion!” Wear your western wear to “kick away drugs, as well and the competition”) 
Breakfast: Turn Overs, Fruit
Lunch: Chili, Cheese, Crackers, Buns, Grapes
**HS fball practice @ Richey
**HS vball practice @ Lambert
**JH bball @ Savage—girls’ game @ 4:30; +10 boys game. Leave time from Lambert—2:45
**FFA Meeting--Monday 24th at 7pm---- Scary supper and pumpkin carving contest. Bring a scary dish to pass!!
Tue, 10/25: “BE-ad yourself, and experience success!” (Wear beads of all colors; red & blue ones given away today!)
Breakfast: Cereal Bar, Yogurt, Fruit
Lunch: Polish Sausage, Au Gratin Potatoes, Corn, Fruit
**Parent-Teacher Conferences—3:30-6:30 @ the school
**HS fball and JH boys bball practice @ Richey
**HS vball and JH girls bballl practice @ Lambert
Wed, 10/26: “May the Force be with You” (Wear your Star Wars gear to scare away drugs and conquer our opponents)
Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito, Fruit
Lunch: Cjicken Fajitas, Fresh Veggies, Fruit
**HS fball practice @ Richey
**HS vball practice @ Lambert
**Volleyball meal @Lambert after practice. Senior parents will provide pizza. Everyone else bring something to go with pizza
Thur, 10/27: “United we Stand” (Wear red, white, & blue/Fusion gear to support our causes today)
Breakfast: Cereal, Cheese Stick, Fruit
Lunch: Finger Steaks, Tots, Fruit

**HS fball practice @ 6:00 am.

**Community Pep Assembly @ 8:30 in the new gym.  Everyone is welcome to attend and cheer on the volleyball and football teams.  The band will play!

**The District 1-C volleyball tournament begins today @ Plentywood, with the 1st game @ 12:00.  The Fusion will play the 1:30 game. 

*Leave time for the team—9:00 am.  The team will be staying in Plentywood until we are finishedplaying in the tournament. (Coach—Sommerfeld)
*Leave time for the band—9:00 am (Richey?)  The band will eat lunch and play for the volleyball team today/tonightwhen the Fusion team plays.  They will eat supper and return hom.

**There will be no JH bball practices today.

**STEM Club Thursday after school in the Science Room.
Fri, 10/28: “We are super!” (Wear Superhero gear to combat drugs and our foes)
Breakfast: Carmel Rolls, Fruit
Lunch: Baked Potatoes Bar
**District 1-C volleyball tourney continues today @ Plentywood
**JH girls bbball practice @ Lambert. 

**JH boys bball and HS fball practice @ Richey (Mini—Lien; 2 suburbans—Rains, Schields?)

Sat, 10/29:
**Championship day of the District 1-C volleyball tournament today @ Plentywood
**HS fball—Round one of the Playoffs @ Richey vs. Winifred/Roy--1:00.  Leave time from Lambert—11:00 (Mini—Lien)

(The band may play for this game, so please stay  tuned.)